• John Schumacher Cancer Survivor: John Schumacher

“Considering the treatment I received at FWMOH, why would I want to go anywhere else?”

“If it weren’t for FWMOH,” says John Schumacher, lung cancer survivor, “I wouldn’t be here today.” A mere nine months after being diagnosed with stage 3B lung cancer, John is only too proud to report that his cancer is in complete remission without any evidence of disease. John considers himself twice blessed, since he not only survived the cancer but still has both his lungs as well. “The treatment I received at FWMOH was simply the best. I have nothing but praise for everybody at FWMOH.”

Certainly, John’s intense cancer treatment saved his lungs—and his life—but he also credits his treatment at FWMOH with helping him recover from a blood infection he developed while traveling out of state. “I had been warned that a blood infection was a possibility in my particular situation,” says John. Anticipating that possibility, John’s doctor had included a series of shots in his cancer protocol—shots that helped him overcome the infection quickly. “FWMOH was very clear about what to do if you suspected an infection,” he says, “but we were in Iowa at the time. The doctors in Iowa were very impressed with the treatment I had received at FWMOH and how that treatment helped me make a full recovery from the infection.”

Receiving the latest in research-driven cancer treatment is just one of the reasons John is singing FWMOH’s praises. “Everybody…nurses, technicians, physician’s assistants… everybody was very professional and empathetic,” he says. John was especially impressed that the team at FWMOH treated his wife, Carol, and their daughter, Deborah, with respect and empathy, too. “Carol and Deborah were welcomed to all my treatments and procedures and at no time made to feel like intruders or that they were in the way,” says John. “I was the patient, but FWMOH extended the courtesy I received to my caregivers, which added greatly to our peace of mind.”

FWMOH also made a point of answering all John’s questions, which made him feel confident and knowledgeable about his treatment. In fact, before his treatment started, John’s nurse took two hours to explain his chemotherapy treatment in detail, going through every medication and the possible side effects. John admits that he did lose most of his hair during treatment, but he’s thankful that it’s growing back now. “Most people can’t believe that I recently had cancer,” John says. “They look at me and say, ‘You had cancer?!’ So I must not look too bad,” he jokes.

Not that cancer is a laughing matter. “I know several people from our church who were gone just three to six months after a similar diagnosis,” says John. “Thanks to FWMOH, that didn’t happen to me.” When John started treatments, his doctor told him the goal was to beat the cancer. “So far,” says John, “he’s lived up to his word. I thank God every day for everybody at FWMOH.”